Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Some pictures of spring training 2008

This was my 10th or so year heading out to spring training in Peoria, and thankfully I've gotten my wife addicted to going, so it's an automatic for me now. Here are a few shots from the back fields of some of our younger guys. Hope you enjoy

Cooper Brannan, you probably know him as the Marine turned baseball player thanks to a couple local radio dj's putting the pressure on the Padres FO, and getting him a tryout. Turns out the kid can actually pitch, and this year his arm strength is up, and so are his hopes. Good luck to you Cooper !

Don't know much about Carrasco, but I can tell you one thing, the ball came off his bat differently than the rest of the group he was hitting with.

Drew Cumberland is my new favorite youngster. He was in Eugene last year, not sure where he's headed this year, maybe Lake Elsinore. He's a young SS that seems to have all the right tools to succeed at the next level.......So watch out Khalil someones gunning for your job.

This was a shot of Chase Headley Friday night, about 3 pitches before he put a ball next to the light tower in RF. I got the HR on video, scroll down to the bottom to view it.

Nick Schmidt was one of the Padres 07 draft picks. They have high hopes on him, as he's a big strong arm that I think most see as projecting as a front line kind of guy. He has a fastball that sits in the low 90's, a +change up, and a slider. We'll see how things work out after his surgery, as he's going to miss all of 2008, but should be ready to go in 2009 and on the fast track once again. Good luck to you Nick we need more big strong arms coming up soon.

This is Chase Headley going deep on Friday night the 14th. This ball lands next to the light tower in RF, you can see the fans all fighting for it at the base of the light.........sorry I didn't hold the shot a little longer, I was just happy to get the HR on video to begin with.

I'll see about getting more on the site as I'm able and time permits.



LynchMob said...

THANKS for the notes & pics & video! Going to Peoria ... to the practice fields and to the spring games ... is a *BLAST* ... and this post captures some of the feel!

LynchMob said...

re: Cumberland ... according to the MadFriars ...

It’s a very big jump from the Arizona to the Midwest League, but Cumberland should make it.

(http://padres.scout.com/2/733979.html ... sub only)

Melvin said...

Nice photos! Thanks for sharing.

Unfortunately, I don't see Nick Schmidt as a front of the line guy. Most of what I've seen has him as a mid to back of the rotation pitcher, albeit with lots of polish and a good chance of success.

Matt Latos is the kind of prospect I'd expect to see pitch opening day around 2011.