Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Padres trade for an OFer today

Justin Huber-OF- Padres
Mar. 26 - 4:42 pm et
Padres acquired outfielder Justin Huber from the Royals for a player to be named. We thought the Royals might be trying to hide Huber, but if that was the case, it didn't work out. The Padres opted to trade for him rather than take the chance that he wouldn't make it to them on waivers. He'll have a roster spot initially with Jim Edmonds likely to go on the DL. After that, the Padres will probably have to choose between him and Paul McAnulty. The odds are against him having fantasy value right off, but he's a talented hitter worthy of a long look.
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Guess we now have our answer to the OF scenario don't we.

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