Thursday, March 20, 2008

Hensley pain-free after mound session

Padres righty recovering from September shoulder surgery

Great news if you're a Padre fan, as this means even further depth from in the rotation. Last year the word was that Clay wasn't 100% truthful about his shoulder and tried to pitch through pain. As a result he did more damage to his already damaged arm. Good news is that in theory he's surgically repaired, much like Prior, and also like Prior has much to prove still. He's got a long career still ahead of him if he can mount a comeback and regain his 2006 form.

"My arm feels awesome," Hensley said. "We got over the hump a few weeks ago as far as feeling any kind of pain or anything like that. Now it's just mechanics and getting the arm strong. We've stretched it out as far as we can go from flat ground."

This could open up the door for a trade to happen sometime around June or at the ASB if our pitching depth is further increased. Again this is great news if you're a Padre fan.

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