Thursday, March 27, 2008

2008 Payroll and Roster to this point

Thanks to someone that does the hard part and who was nice enough to give me permission, here is the 2008 roster and payroll as of March 27th.......I highlighted in RED the total possible payroll if all incentives are hit......and it looks to me like the Padres should be somewhere inbetween 70-80m when all is said and done this next year. This if we don't add/subtract anyone from this list of consider this subject to change and/or editing.

25-Man Roster

1B Adrian Gonzales $0.750m
2B Tadahito Iguchi $3.85m
SS Khalil Greene $4.5m
3B Kevin Kouzmanoff $0.380m
C Josh Bard $2.2375m
RF Brian Giles $9.0m
CF Scott Hairston $0.380m
LF Jody Gerut $.380m

SP Jake Peavy $6.5m
SP Chris Young $2.5m
SP Greg Maddux $10.0m
SP Randy Wolf $4.75m
SP Justin Germano $0.380m

RP Trevor Hoffman $7.5m
RP Heath Bell $0.380m
RP Cla Meredith $0.380m
RP Joe Thatcher $0.380m
RP Enrique Gonzalez $0.380m
RP Glendon Rusch $0.850m
RP Wil Ledezma $0.620m

BENCH Michael Barrett $3.5m
BENCH Tony Clark $0.900m
BENCH Paul MacAnulty $0.380m
BENCH Justin Huber $0.390m
BENCH Callix Crabbe $0.380m

DL Jim Edmonds $6.0m
DL Mark Prior $1.0m

Incentives/Perks (not added to opening payroll)

Peavy $25k for All-Star appearance
Maddux $50k for All-Star appearance
Maddux $50k for Gold Glove
Maddux Suite accommodations on the road
Maddux Del Mar CC Membership
Hoffman $50k for All-Star appearance
Wolf $4.25m in Incentives
Iguchi $0.65m in Incentives
Barrett $0.75m in Incentives
Prior $4.5m in Incentives
Greene $0.5m in '09 for '08 Plate Appearances
Clark $0.55m for Plate Appearances
Ledezma $0.03m for Performance
Bard $0.225m for 112 Games Started

Total Possible Incentives = $11.08m

Dead Money (Buyouts/Deferred Salary)
BUYOUT Marcus Giles $0.500m
BUYOUT Rob Mackowiak $0.300m


Total Payroll (without incentives) = $69.448m
Total possible payroll with incentives would be $80.528m

Available Funds
$75.0m Payroll = $5.552m Left to Spend
$70.0m Payroll = $0.552m Left to Spend



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