Friday, March 21, 2008

Edmonds Still trying to LEG out Opening Day

Jim Edmonds is still hoping to make opening day, and feels that it's a possibilty. He got to do some basic running for the first time yesterday, and said that it went well. If he's unable to go, and starts the season on the DL, it should make things very easy for Bud Black and company when it comes time to make crucial roster moves with guys such as Paul McAnulty, who as of now appears to be the odd man left out of the mix. Bill Center's article in the UT today covers quite a bit of this.
By Bill Center
March 21,
Ariz. – Jim Edmonds ran yesterday for the first time since suffering a strained calf muscle on March 6.
“It was very basic, but I felt good,” said Edmonds. “I can't feel optimistic yet, but I'm hoping I'll be ready for Opening Day.”
When Edmonds might return to the lineup this spring could be determined this morning when the Padres medical staff further evaluates the 37-year-old center fielder. “It's up to them seeing progress being made with my injury,” said Edmonds, who also threw and took batting practice.
“I still think he's a ways from being in a game,” said General Manager Kevin Towers, who said it's possible Edmonds could start the season on the disabled list.
But that doesn't mean Edmonds would have to miss the first 15 games of the season. Under baseball rules, he could be retroactived until March 31 as long as he doesn't appear in a major league exhibition game. That would reduce his absence to a minimum of five games.

“Having Jim play in minor league games is something we've discussed, although we haven't discussed it with Jim yet,” Towers said.
I know Padre fans are all hoping that Edmonds is back to his former self, and can play the majority of a full season, but at the same time many Padres fans are pulling hard for PMac to get his shot on the team finally. This year is a little different though as it will be PMac's final shot to become a Padre since he's out of options. If he doesn't make the team now, he will be exposed on waivers and likely claimed by another team and lost to the Padres. This could also be a blessing for him though, so don't be too upset if we do lose him.
One thing seems obvious to me though and that is this. If Edmonds starts the season on the DL, it almost assures that Chase Headley will start the season in Portland. This was almost a given to many at this point even though Chase has been nothing short of stellar in the spring, but given the contractual situations of players like PMac and Gerut it was going to be a hard sell to our FO as it was. Now that Edmonds is down, Gerut can slide to CF and PMac can take the 5th OFer's roll on the bench backing up LF and RF along with Scott Hairston.
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