Friday, June 25, 2010

Dog Days approach and the Padres are STILL in 1st


... Every "expert".......Everyone in the media.......Everyone associated with baseball.......Oh hell just about everyone on the planet, outside San Diego, figured the Padres to not be a factor this season. Nice work guys, they're only one of the best teams since last July. I do hope that crow tastes good so far.....

The national media still doesn't give them much credit, saying it's all smoke and mirrors, or at best just glossing over their accomplishments as usual. This last series the Padres went into TB, and did what they've been doing all year, and beat up what many think is one of the best teams in all of MLB taking 2-3 and nearly sweeping them on their home turf. During the last game of the series which aired on MLB Network, it was crystal clear that the announcers were anti-Padres, and really pulling for the Rays. Instead of giving the Padres pitching credit, as they should have since it's some of the best in the game, they talked about how the Rays were slumping. They even went so far as to use a solo HR by a TB player as the Coors Light Cold Hard hit of the game, instead of the go ahead HR by Oscar Salazar which happened shortly after. It's these kinds of snubs that prove that either an east coast bias exists, or just a sheer hatred for San Diego and it's sports.

Hey "experts" wake up and realize that this is a team sport, and the Padres are proving every day that it's about team chemistry, not necessarily having the best individual players.

Keep up the great work Padres !!! And keep sticking it to those so called "experts" who clearly don't know as much as they think they do.

End rant.....

Play Ball !!!