Wednesday, January 28, 2009

As of today our potential 2009 roster looks like this

Line up
1- 1b- AGon
2- 2b- Eckstein
3- SS- LRod, Burke, or maybe even Everth Cabrera (rule 5 p/u)
4- 3b- Kouz
5- LF- Headley
6- CF- Gerut
7- RF- Giles
8- C - Hundley

Strangely enough it's not that bad... and might have the best overall IF in the NLWest

9- Peavy
10- CY
11- Baek
12- Ryu
13- Prior, LeBlanc ( Ramos, etc... )

Still desperately need to find a legit #3 either by trade or FA, more likely in trade for maybe Kouz ?

14- Burke
15- Hairston
16- EGon ( or a left handed bat not yet on the team )
17- Blanco
18- Cabrera

Bully - (In no special order)
19- Bell
20- Britton
21- Meredith
22- Nova ( rule 5 p/u )
23- Adams
24- Thatcher
25- Worrell
26- Reinke
27- Hampson

Not set, and still a couple players heavy, but starting to take shape

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Back up Catcher signed to mentor Hundley

Padres sign Blanco

SAN DIEGO -- Padres general manager Kevin Towers could have easily filled the vacancy for a backup catcher from within the organization or with someone other than 37-year-old Henry Blanco.

But Towers wasn't merely looking for a Sunday catcher -- someone who usually starts one day a week, collecting cobwebs sitting on the bench the other six days of the week.

Instead, Towers was looking for a mentor for 25-year-old catcher Nick Hundley, who impressed during his three-month stint last season after being recalled from Triple-A Portland.

So on Tuesday, Towers picked up the phone and called former Padres pitcher Greg Maddux to procure feedback on what kind of player, mentor and clubhouse presence Blanco was during their time together with the Cubs and Braves.

Apparently, Towers liked what he heard, and on Wednesday the Padres signed Blanco to a one-year deal for $750,000 to occasionally spell Hundley and provide mentorship to a player the Padres think very highly of.

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Bell to Close for Padres in 2009

Padres Ink Bell

Heath Bell has some pretty big shoes to fill, but hopefully the fire baller is up to the task. Corey Brock reports that he's signed a 1 year deal for $1.255m. Hopefully he'll have a successful transition into his new role.

SAN DIEGO -- The new year isn't a month old, yet it's already shaping up to be a very good one for Padres' relief pitcher Heath Bell.

And it could get even better.

On Tuesday, the 31-year-old avoided arbitration by agreeing to a $1.255 million contract to succeed Major League career saves leader Trevor Hoffman as closer.

A new role, a new contract and now the possibility of a more lucrative future, as general manager Kevin Towers indicated Tuesday that a multiyear deal with Bell could be done sooner than later.

"We explored it in September for probably about a month. It's something we're still open to. Talking with his adviser, we said, 'let's agree on a one-year deal now.' I imagine that's something we will explore in the next couple days. I don't see this thing dragging out."

It's pretty heady stuff for Bell, who kicked around the New York Mets organization for parts of nine seasons, with a handful of stints at the Major League level, before landing for good in San Diego, where he admits, after two seasons here, that it feels like home.

"They're really happy with my performance on the field. I'm very happy to be a part of the Padres organization. I can now sit back and smile and say, 'I'm in the Major Leagues and I'm doing really well.' I'm pretty thrilled.

"Then again, I'm going into a new role as closer. I want to prove myself. I just need to keep doing what I've been doing. I can prove to the Major Leagues and everyone else that I can close and be a closer to reckon with in the league."

Bell had a 2.02 ERA in 2007 and a 3.58 ERA a year ago that was skewed by the five runs he allowed over his final three appearances. Bell has 173 strikeouts over 171 2/3 innings with only 58 walks over the past two seasons, leading the Padres to believe he'll be able to handle the closer role.

"I expect Heath to be no different in this role than he was last year. I look for him to be as successful in the closers role," Towers said. "He's got the makeup, he has the confidence. He has closed before. He's a strike-thrower has a plus breaking ball and no fear."

Aside from a new role, Bell is planning on taking a more defined leadership role with the team, especially among relievers, now that Hoffman has moved on to Milwaukee. Better still, Bell wants the bullpen, statistically the best in the Major Leagues two years ago, to regain its place among the best in the game.

"I'm going to come into spring and set the tone. ... I'm going to take pride in the bullpen," he said. "Now I feel like it's my bullpen since I'm the closer. One of my goals is to get our bullpen back to where it was as a force to be reckoned with. If you're going to be in the pen, you better keep the ball down and pump the strike zone."

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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

2009 Lake Elsinore Schedule is out

And for the love of all that is decent and holy, don't forget Thirsty Thursdays folks........ $1 beers during the 7th inning..... it's a must at the Diamond.......cheers ! See you there

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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

San Diego Gas Lamp Quarter is getting an old friend back

The Old Spaghetti Factory was a landmark in downtown San Diego for decades, and was forced out a couple years ago. But never fear pasta fans.......the popular restaurant is coming back, and will be ready to serve you your favorite dishes in time for baseball season.

What took over when The OSF vacated was Dussini's Mediterranean Bistro, and apparently they will remain in a small capacity. The upstairs will become The Loft at Dussini's, while the downstairs will reestablish itself as The Old Spaghetti Factory. This is good news all the way around as it returns to downtown one of the best feasting spots known to mankind, but it also increases the size and class of the bar inside the restaurant which should draw all kinds.......and both should benefit from the other.

Great news for us here in Padre land since we all know the front door of The Spaghetti Factory is a direct shot into the Brick Yard gate of Petco........should see quite a few Padre fans eating dinner before night games this year.

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Padres sign Prior for 2009

Padres sign Mark Prior to a minor league deal today once again locking up the former NL star, and giving him an invite to spring training.

They also signed Chris Burke the utility role player to a minor league deal as well.

Mad Friars has a write up as on of their freebies. Don't miss this opportunity to check out the most comprehensive MiLB Friars site on the web.

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