Friday, June 25, 2010

Dog Days approach and the Padres are STILL in 1st


... Every "expert".......Everyone in the media.......Everyone associated with baseball.......Oh hell just about everyone on the planet, outside San Diego, figured the Padres to not be a factor this season. Nice work guys, they're only one of the best teams since last July. I do hope that crow tastes good so far.....

The national media still doesn't give them much credit, saying it's all smoke and mirrors, or at best just glossing over their accomplishments as usual. This last series the Padres went into TB, and did what they've been doing all year, and beat up what many think is one of the best teams in all of MLB taking 2-3 and nearly sweeping them on their home turf. During the last game of the series which aired on MLB Network, it was crystal clear that the announcers were anti-Padres, and really pulling for the Rays. Instead of giving the Padres pitching credit, as they should have since it's some of the best in the game, they talked about how the Rays were slumping. They even went so far as to use a solo HR by a TB player as the Coors Light Cold Hard hit of the game, instead of the go ahead HR by Oscar Salazar which happened shortly after. It's these kinds of snubs that prove that either an east coast bias exists, or just a sheer hatred for San Diego and it's sports.

Hey "experts" wake up and realize that this is a team sport, and the Padres are proving every day that it's about team chemistry, not necessarily having the best individual players.

Keep up the great work Padres !!! And keep sticking it to those so called "experts" who clearly don't know as much as they think they do.

End rant.....

Play Ball !!!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Hoyer on the road

Jed Hoyer heads to Florida to go watch the hottest team in MLB play the Marlins.

04/25/10 2:35 PM ET

CINCINNATI -- On Monday morning, Jed Hoyer will fly to Florida to watch the hottest team in the Major Leagues -- the San Diego Padres.

The first-year general manager of the Padres will meet up with a team that has certainly been one of the biggest surprises of the season, especially since the team was pegged by many to finish last in the National League West.

What has Hoyer liked about the eight-game winning streak the Padres carried into their series finale in Cincinnati on Sunday?

In a word: Pitching.

"First and foremost, our pitching and run prevention has been good ... we're keeping the ball in the ballpark," Hoyer said by phone on Sunday. "Going down the line, everyone has been throwing the ball well and with confidence."

The Padres entered Sunday's game against the Reds having the lowest ERA (2.73) in the Major Leagues. San Diego ranks second in the Major League teams in opponent batting average (.220).

"The key to our early success is holding our opponent down," Hoyer said.

Hoyer has also seen things he's liked about the offense, one that's already produced two games of 10 or more runs. It's not so much the volume of runs that has impressed Hoyer, but how the Padres have gone about scoring them.

"One of the things that sticks out is how we're being aggressive and opportunistic on the bases," Hoyer said. "Our aggressiveness has led to some runs."


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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

PETCO concessions see change for the better

Padres clue in and listen to the fans....
What a concept ! It's about time !!

Listening to the fans when the speak up is something this franchise really hasn't done much of in recent years. They like to claim they do, but when it's all said and done they missed the boat more often than not. Well the changes at the top seem to have a trickle-down happening, and it's good news for fans.

SAN DIEGO, CA - The San Diego Padres today announced everyday low pricing for general concessions, including lowering prices on many fan favorite foods and introducing new food options.

"We've spent a lot of time asking fans what they want," said San Diego Padres President and Chief Operating Officer Tom Garfinkel. "We listened and we're responding by creating more choices and improving affordability throughout PETCO Park."

Ballpark favorites - soda, hot dogs, popcorn, peanuts and bottled water - will be available for $4 each. All other general concession items will not see increases from their 2009 non-promotional pricing. In addition, fans will be able to purchase a Padres cap for only $7 and a team T-shirt for $8.

The Padres will offer a 14-ounce, $5 beer in 2010. A 20-ounce domestic beer - which cost $8.50 in 2008 - is now priced at $7.25.

The team is also introducing a $5 'Kids Meal,' which will feature healthier items and be available throughout the ballpark. "We are acting on fan suggestions by adding the Kids Meal and by introducing specific categories such as gluten-free food options," Garfinkel stated.

For the first time since the opening of PETCO Park, the Toyota Terrace Level will be open to all fans, allowing access to Club 19, Baja Bistro, the PCL Club and Coronado's. In conjunction with this expanded access, the Padres are implementing a Toyota Terrace restaurant reservation system for Founder's Club members to reserve tables. Fans can expect to see lower prices, the addition of kids' menus and new signature dishes on the restaurant menus across the Toyota Terrace level.

Additional improvements include a refresh of The Omni Premier Club which will offer "ballpark fare" alongside the current Premier Club dining options. The Padres have also upgraded their All-You-Can-Eat program by improving the seat location and reducing pricing. Seating is now in lower level sections and prices have dropped from $37 in 2009 to $29 in 2010.

The enhanced options and lower pricing go into effect on Opening Day, April 12th when the San Diego Padres take on the Atlanta Braves at 3:35 p.m. at PETCO Park.

$5.00 -- Kids Meal

$4.00 -- Small fountain soda
$4.00 -- Peanuts
$4.00 -- Popcorn
$4.00 -- Hot Dog
$4.00 -- Bottled water

$5.00 -- 14 oz. domestic draft beer
$7.25 -- 20 oz. domestic draft beer
$7.75 -- Plastic bottle domestic beer
$8.25 -- 20 oz. premium draft beer

$7.00 -- Padres cap
$8.00 -- Padres T-shirt

All other general concession items same as 2009 (no increases)


Good job Padres..... This should go a long way in the eyes of most fans.

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Everth Cabrera getting some notice by MLB finally

Well anyone that was actually paying attention to the Padres last year, while this kid wasn't on the DL, had to notice something pretty special about him. He was taken in the Rule 5 from the Rockies system, and came straight out of A ball to become the everyday starter at the ML level. That alone is amazing, but this kid handled the promotion like a veteran. He showed tremendous speed, great range, a cannon for an arm, and considering the jump in levels some pretty good plate discipline, which started the comparisons to another SS named Rafael Furcal. Padre fans can only hope he becomes the same type of player for their team.

April 7

The other Cabrera

It was supposed to be a quiet third day of the season with less than half of all teams on the April 6 slate.

We should have known better.

Pegged by many as a favorite late-round, middle-infield sleeper, Everth Cabrera went absolutely bananas against Edwin Jackson and the D-backs.

The 23-year-old shortstop -- who quietly stole 25 bases in just 103 games as rookie last season -- laced a double, legged out a triple, drove home four and (obviously) stole a base to boot.

The burgeoning youngster will have the green light all season and should steal 40 bags in his sleep. If he can actually provide some O to go with his legs, he'll easily go down as one of 2010's top breakouts.

One thing is certain.....the future is VERY bright for this budding star. Did we also mention that this was his first year playing SS after being converted from 2nd base ? Not too shabby !!

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Friday, March 26, 2010

What the 2010 lineup could look like

Possible Lineup and Active Roster

The 2010 season is almost upon us and fans everywhere are starting to speculate on the who/what/where/when & how's of the Padres lineup. It appears that they are successfully moving toward a team based more on being athletic and fundamentally sound, who can run and cause havoc on the basepaths. With few regular position spots still open, what really remains is to figure out who on the active roster will fill the starting roles. There are choices, and while a few might not be popular, with some fans, they could be in the teams best interest overall.

Starting lineup - ( not batting order )
1. 1b - Adrian Gonzalez
2. 2b - David Eckstein ( should be Jerry Hairston Jr.)
3. SS - Everth Cabrera
4. 3b - Chase Headley
5. LF - Kyle Blanks
6. CF - Scott Hairston
7. RF - Will Venable ( should be Aaron Cunningham )
8. C - Nick Hundley

Bench -
9. C - Yorvit Torrealba
10. U/OFer- Tony Gwynn Jr. ( should be Will Venable )
11. If/OF- Jerry Hairston Jr.
12. U/If- Oscar Salazar
13. DH/OF - Matt Stairs

Starting Pitchers -
14. Chris Young
15. Jon Garland
16. Kevin Correia
17. Clayton Richard ( I say this name based on who has options left, should be Mat Latos )
18. Sean Gallagher* ( I say this name based on who has options left, should be Richard or LeBlanc )

Bullpen -
19. Tim Stauffer*
20. Adam Russell ( or Gallagher )
21. Luke Gregerson
22. Edward Mujica ( or Gallagher )
23. Joe Thatcher ( or Gallagher )
24. Mike Adams
25. Heath Bell

Now I have an issue with a couple of things I'd like to put out there......

First is David Eckstein starting at 2nd base. While I'm a pretty big Eck fan, I don't think he brings to the table as many daily tools as Jerry Hairston Jr. does. Hairston will likely hit for a better BA, OBP & Slg pct., has much better speed and is a legit threat to steal a base, has good defensive skills and probably more range and for sure a better arm.... So I would start Jerry Hairston Jr. over David Eckstein at 2nd base.

Second is our 5th Starting Pitcher being Sean Gallagher. I think he's the guy that will ultimately get the job, and not because he's our best option, but instead because other guys like Mat Latos and Wade LeBlanc still have OPTIONS left and can be moved down to Portland without having to drop them from the roster or try and pass them through waivers. In my opinion Mat Latos has EARNED a starting position, but there simply isn't any room. I also think Wade LeBlanc has made a serious case for himself as well, but again there is simply no room at the inn. Neither of these guys can afford to sit in the bullpen either both must continue to work so I think they are off to AAA.

Third is Tony Gwynn Jr. making this team over guys like Aaron Cunningham or even Chris Denorfia. I am of the opinion that if Tony Gwynn Jr.'s name was Tom Smith, he wouldn't even be in the big leagues right now, and while I'm a huge fan of his fathers, I'm not a big fan of his. Aaron Cunningham brings a much more complete set of tools with decent power and a better arm to the table, and should get the 4th OFer role on this team, maybe even the starting RF job over Will Venable, but I doubt this will happen.

So these are good problems to have, but we could see an active roster that doesn't necessarily have our best players on it. Makes for a very bright future going forward to be sure.

Play Ball !!!

*denotes a few players that are out of options

Monday, March 15, 2010

Scott and BR get screwed

Well leave it the flagship station of the San Diego Padres to make bone headed moves. This is the same station that fired a season professional in 'Philly' Bill Werndel, and essentially replaced him with two daily callers (yes fans).....This train wreck didn't last as apparently one of the new DJ's melted down on air and that was that......

Now the same station, who has given new meaning to musical DJ's over the last few years, has lost their morning anchor The Scott & BR show, who have a massive following of "Great Friends". This happened when the show's two radio guys were told that the station wasn't going to honor their contract.....Yup you heard it.......The station was going to knowingly breach it's contract.....

Way to go XX1090 you've lost even more listeners... Maybe the Padres should dump you like you dump what talent you have remaining?

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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Spring Kicks off for the Padres

Spring Training Begins

Spring Training and the 2010 season officially take the mound Thursday when Chris Young and Kevin Corriea will each get some time on the bump. The word is they will both see two innings, and at this point CY is healthy and eager to go. Hopefully that translates into his finest season so far, both from a health and production standpoint.

03/02/10 8:02 PM EST

PEORIA, Ariz. -- After two weeks of preparation, of countless fielding drills and bullpen sessions, Padres pitchers will get a chance Thursday to do something they haven't done all spring -- pitch in a game.

The Padres will play their first game of the spring at 12:05 p.m. PT Thursday against the Seattle Mariners at the Peoria Sports Complex in their annual charity game.

San Diego manager Bud Black said that Chris Young and Kevin Correia -- two pitchers who will help comprise the starting rotation -- will each pitch two innings.

The Padres will play the Mariners, their Peoria brethren, the first four days during Cactus League play.

Several regular position players figure to be in the lineup on Thursday, though Black has not announced a lineup for the game.

Mat Latos, Wade LeBlanc and Sean Gallagher -- all candidates for the No. 5 spot in the starting rotation -- will throw on Friday against the Mariners in San Diego's first official Cactus League game.

On Saturday, in another game against Seattle, Jon Garland and Tim Stauffer will throw at the Peoria Sports Complex.

Finally, on Sunday against Seattle, Clayton Richard and Cesar Carrillo will pitch against the Mariners.
This game might be available via radio.

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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Blanks reports to camp lighter and ready

Kyle Blanks is a monster with tremendous potential and a huge ceiling. One of the only real concerns was his weight and whether or not he'd be able to keep it in control. Well it appears he's taking a proactive approach to make sure he gives his career the best possible chance. This is great news for Padre fans as he represents either another potential dynamic bat in the lineup with Adrian Gonzalez or his replacement at first base should the Padres be unable to get him signed and be forced to trade him at some point.

Blanks reports to Padres 15 pounds lighter

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10:00 PM PST on Friday, February 26, 2010
The Associated Press

PEORIA, ARIZ. - The San Diego Padres presented Kyle Blanks with an opportunity, and he wanted to take advantage.

So he went out and dropped 15 pounds this offseason through a combination of dieting and working out.

"It's something I wanted to do regardless," Blanks said. "Could it have an effect? I hope so. I hope being in better shape overall just helps with injury. I feel like I put myself in the best possible position for success."

Blanks hit .250 with 10 homers and 22 RBI in 148 at-bats last season. He is expected to be the Padres' everyday left fielder this year now that Chase Headley has moved to his natural position following the trade of third baseman Kevin Kouzmanoff to Oakland.

After finishing the 2009 season weighing 288 pounds, Blanks -- who missed the final five weeks with a strained arch in his right foot -- weighed in at 273 pounds when he came to camp.

Strength and conditioning coach Jim Malone was excited when Blanks was promoted from Class AAA Portland on June 19. Having had the opportunity to work with Blanks during spring training the three previous years, Malone was eager to get the 6-foot-6 athlete into better shape.

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