Friday, July 24, 2009

Padres Outfield now and near future what to do ?

Too many OFer's, not enough other pieces ?

The Padres are entering a very interesting area with regards to their OF situation. Currently they have been trying hard to make a round peg fit a square hole in Chase Headley. Converting to a corner OF position is far from rare, but it only works if the player making this conversion has the athleticism to play anywhere, or simply hits the ball so well you forgive his defensive shortcomings. Chase does neither ! A 3rd baseman by trade, and by all accounts a pretty good one, he was asked last year to move to LF in order to get his bat into an anemic lineup hoping that by doing so both and Kouzmanoff could help Adrian Gonzalez drive in runs. That didn’t happen, and this season marks essentially the one year point, both in calendar and at bats, to this experiment. Quite frankly it’s been a disaster. So much so that the Padres finally asked Kyle Blanks, their top prospect at the time, who is a 1bman by trade to take his shot at the OF. Now there is a difference here between the two guys and it’s a bit crazy. Kyle Blanks is a behemoth of a man standing at 6’7” and weighing in somewhere between 265-280 (reports vary), but in very good shape. Fact is he’s just one huge human being, not fat, and is very athletic. He routinely shocks those that have never seen him by legging out a triple, or straight stealing a base off the catcher. The point is he can run well (not just for his size) is playing a very solid if not good OF (granted it’s a small sample so far), he’s shown a very strong accurate arm, and seems more comfortable in both LF and RF already compared to Chase who has had over a year to get acclimated. So the question becomes why in the world is Chase Headley still getting time in the OF, when better options are sitting on the bench ?

Now take into consideration the recent acquisition of Tony Gwynn Jr. to the roster. Obviously the name alone makes all Padre fans go a bit weak in the heart, but is he really in this teams long term plans?

Will Venable descends from good baseball stock, but his age, and experience make him a long shot player. He’s shown flashes of tremendous potential, and on a team in better shape, might stick as a 4th OFer for a couple years until he was ready, but can the Padres afford to waste time on a guy that really may never be more than just ok ?

Drew Macias is possibly one of the best fielding OFer’s in this system, but is a very light hitter. He can play all 3 OF positions, and appears better suited to come in off the bench. His future is more likely suited as a bench role player, and would be a great fit in the spacious Petco, where OF defense is a premium in late game maneuvers.

Ok those are the guys on the big league roster that might be in the mix for a starting position over the next few years, now lets talk about the farm system and what we have near ready and on the way.

AAA- There really aren’t too many guys that have a great chance to be ML impact type players. Huffman, Baxter & Cooper are all nice players, but none of them seems to have the stuff to really make in impact on this teams OF, and I’m not sure any of them are better than the guys already on the big league team right now in the OF. That alone is saying quite a bit about the caliber of player they currently are.

AA- Luis Durango is an Base stealing, OBP & hitting machine w/ very little power. He’s pegged as a speedy top of the lineup, stage setting type of hitter who very well could replace Tony Gwynn Jr. in CF as soon as next year, but more likely 2011.

Other guys at the lower levels that have to be considered within two years are :

Jaff Decker – This kid possess all 5 tools, is built to be a RFer. He can hit, hit for power, has a cannon, good range and deceptively good speed. His body type is not what you’d expect to be certain, but as the old saying goes “never judge a book by it’s cover”. Think a shorter, stockier, stronger Brian Giles, and you’ll get the visual.

Sawyer Carroll is a beast, and is starting to really make a name for himself. It really looks like they hit on a player in the draft when he was taken. He seems to have an excellent overall game as well, and could be manning one of the corner OF spots sooner than later.

Blake Tekkote is another guy to keep an eye on. He’s a fast CFer who brings excellent defensive skills to the table every night, and has the potential to hit for a high avg and obp.

Now the Draft 2009 –

Donovan Tate is the guy the Padres drafted with their 3rd overall pick. He’s a legit 5 tool stud with tremendous upside. If this kid is signed, he will undoubtedly be moved quickly though the system barring any setbacks, and could be staring at a 2011-12 entrance which further clogs this OF situation.

Williams is another OFer taken in the draft, considered to have + speed and be a legit HS power hitter, he could/should be easier to sign, but they could be waiting to see what Tate does and if he signs or not.

So to recap – Headley, Gwynn, Blanks, Venable, Macias, Huffman, Cooper, Baxter, Decker, Carroll, Tekkote, Tate, Williams (and this isn’t all, just the guys that are at, and could be impact type players, at the ML level)

Play Ball !!!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Dog Days are here !!!

-The Dog Days of Summer-

In a typical season many guys will start to hit that proverbial wall come late July when the weather starts to heat up and personal endurance is put to it’s first real test, the bats seem heavier, feet seem slower, the arm is a little sore, and the sweat comes like an unwelcome rain storm. These days are known more commonly as the Dog Days of Summer and can last into September. The good news for Padre fans is that this shouldn't be much of an issue this year. The bad news is that it’s not because their players are that much better conditioned, but instead it’s because of the revolving door of players used again this season.

While every team suffers injuries throughout a sports season, it appears that the Padres again have pissed off the baseball gods and are going for back to back record injury seasons. To lend some perspective on this at one point in the first half of this season they had lost their :

  1. -#1 pitcher and Staff Ace
  2. -#2 pitcher
  3. -#3 pitcher
  4. -#4 pitcher
  5. -starting SS
  6. -back up SS
  7. -Starting 2bag
  8. -backup 2bag
  9. -super utility player that is essentially the 3rd back up option for the IF/OF
  10. -4th OFer and scheduled DH for interleague
  11. -starting catcher
  12. -back up catcher
  13. -starting LFer
  14. -multiple key bullpen arms

It’s truly been another amazing ride to watch this team be completely ravaged by injuries for a second year in a row. I do my best not to offer up excuses, but I’m sorry even a large market team, with extreme revenues and a monster farm system couldn’t overcome this kind of loss, and expect to compete for very long.

Now you might be on the side that thinks that most of the players that hit the DL weren’t very good to begin with. To that I’d simply say at least they were big league players already, not AA and AAA unproven green prospects.

Personally I enjoy watching the future play, but what I don’t enjoy is watching them all play at the same time on the big league club with no chance of keeping up with established big leaguers, because they should be in either AA or AAA developing. It’s par for the course to bring up players and give them their proverbial “cup-o-coffee” when rosters expand, or to fill in occasionally while someone is on the DL. Where this goes sideways is when your entire starting roster (essentially) is on the DL, and you have to promote so many guys, just to field a team, that ultimately you end up fielding a minor league club.

I realize the dynamics surrounding this franchise, it’s ownership change, the cause spurring the sale, the ousting of Sandy Alderson, and I have been one of the few outspoken that continue to support the team, while trying not to turn into a Chicken Little crying “the sky is falling”, but it’s hard to keep that stiff upper lip when you’re watching a team continuously getting their teeth kicked in on and off the field. I just hope that Jeff Moorad and Co. have a really good idea of how to fix this without rocking a boat already treading turbulent waters. I hope they realize what a blessing Adrian Gonzalez is to this franchise specifically. What a marketing wet dream he is for San Diego especially, and that he should be the poster child in an attempt to fight tooth and nail for a huge share of the market to the south, thus increasing our market size and overall revenue intake. If they trade this guy (specifically) away, I’m not sure it will matter what comes back in return, because they will have killed any chances of successfully marketing to Mexico, and this franchise might not recover. Adrian Gonzalez is the single best marketing tool we could ever hope for to target Mexican fans, and Mexico overall as a revenue stream, and he’s already here……DON’T SCREW THIS UP !!!

I continue to say this, maybe not enough here however. This team has talent at the big league level it’s just very young and inexperienced. That will change, but it still requires, and for a large part is lacking, direction and leadership. Whether or not that leadership will come from the coaching staff or the players remains to be seen, but something has to happen to change this truly uninspiring brand of baseball we have here now.

Play Ball !!!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Draft picks that have signed to date

Donavan R Tate CF R /R 6'02" 184 1990-09-27 1 3
Everett E Williams CF L /R 5'10" 200 1990-10-01 2 52
Gerald M Sullivan RHP R /R 6'04" 220 1988-01-18 3 83 6/24/09
Keyvius N Sampson RHP R /R 6'00" 185 1991-01-06 4 114
Jason T Hagerty C S /R 6'03" 220 1987-09-13 5 144 6/24/09
James P Needy RHP R /R 6'06" 205 1991-03-30 6 174
Miles T Mikolas RHP R /R 6'05" 220 1988-08-23 7 204 6/24/09
Nathan S Freiman 1B R /R 6'08" 220 1986-12-31 8 234 6/14/09
Christopher W Fetter RHP R /R 6'07"
1985-12-23 9 264 6/14/09
Ryan M Hinson LHP L /L 6'03" 225 1987-05-12 10 294 6/24/09
Andrew J Madrigal RHP R /R 6'02" 200 1989-01-16 11 324
Brayden Drake 3B R /R 5'11" 195 1987-04-17 12 354 6/14/09
Matt Vern 1B R /R 6'03" 215 1986-11-08 13 384 6/14/09
Nicholas R Greenwood LHP R /L 6'01" 177 1987-09-28 14 414 6/24/09
Matthew C Lollis RHP R /R 6'07" 230 1990-09-11 15 444
Griffin D Benedict C L /R 6'01" 195 1987-07-04 16 474 6/14/09
Jorge L Reyes RHP S /R 6'03" 195 1987-12-07 17 504
Shuhei Fujiya RHP R /R 6'03" 180 1987-08-12 18 534
Christopher G Tremblay SS R /R 5'10"
1986-11-13 19 564 6/14/09
John Wooten 3B R /R 6'04" 190 1991-01-19 20 594
Kendall A Korbal RHP R /R 6'06" 205 1988-11-20 21 624
Cody Decker 1B R /R 5'10" 205 1987-01-17 22 654 6/14/09
Jeff J Ibarra LHP L /L 6'06" 185 1987-08-18 23 684 6/14/09
Benjamin K Davis CF R /R 6'00" 185 1985-08-28 24 714 6/24/09
Michael T Wright CF R /R 6'01" 235 1987-08-10 25 744 6/14/09
Kevin X Winn 2B L /R 5'11" 185 1987-06-05 26 774 6/14/09
Cameron M Monger CF R /R 6'02" 210 1988-08-05 27 804 6/24/09
Vince Belnome 2B L /R 5'11" 205 1988-03-11 28 834 6/14/09
Robert Poutier RHP R /R 6'04" 190 1985-10-21 29 864 6/24/09
Wande O Olabisi LF R /R 6'00" 212 1988-03-18 30 894 6/14/09
Matthew Jackson RHP R /R 6'03" 170 1987-12-18 31 924 6/14/09
David Erickson RHP R /R 6'00" 190 1986-02-09 32 954 6/14/09
Jonathan F Berger RHP R /R 6'02" 215 1987-01-18 33 984 6/14/09
Joshua L Cephas RHP R /R 6'00" 195 1987-04-17 34 1014
Adalberto Santos OF R /R 5'10" 184 1987-09-28 35 1044
Dylan C Tonneson C R /R 6'03" 220 1987-09-05 36 1074 6/24/09
Gaspar Santiago LHP L /L 6'00" 200 1989-09-23 37 1104
Kyle R Loretelli OF R /L 5'11" 185 1986-06-30 38 1134 6/14/09
Chris G Ahearn SS R /R 5'11" 180 1986-05-08 39 1164 6/14/09
Tom Porter RHP R /R 6'01" 185 1986-11-11 40 1194 6/14/09
Dane J Hamilton 2B L /R 6'02" 195 1986-09-26 41 1224
Rey G Delphey RHP R /R 5'10" 195 1990-10-19 42 1254
Chadd Hartman LF L /R 6'00" 195 1986-11-09 43 1284 6/14/09
Ryan Skube 2B R /R 5'11" 175 1991-03-26 44 1314 6/14/09
Derek Landis RHP R /R 6'06" 180 1989-08-27 45 1344
Mykal D Stokes CF R /R 6'02" 170 1990-06-02 46 1374
Zach Thomas LHP R /L 6'02" 200 1990-10-03 47 1404
Andrew R Ruck CF L /R 5'11" 185 1991-05-20 48 1434
Brett Holland RHP R /R 6'01" 185 1987-06-30 49 1464 6/14/09
Brett K Basham C R /R 6'02" 195 1986-09-08 50 1494 6/14/09

103 pop for PED's

Rotoworld has supplied what is being said to be the 2003 list of players that popped for PED's..... Most of the names wont shock anyone........grain of salt the list since it's unconfirmed......but think about many names have surfaced for PED's and been innocent ?

Rumored 2003 Steroid list leaks out? at on June 29, 2009

Rumored 2003 Steroid List (UNCONFIRMED RUMOR)

1.Nomar Garciaparra
2.Manny Ramirez
3.Johnny Damon
4.Trot Nixon
5.David Ortiz
6.Shea Hillenbrand
7.Derek Lowe
8.Pedro Martinez
9.Brian Roberts
10.Jay Gibbons
11.Melvin Mora
12.Jerry Hairston
13.Jason Giambi
14.Alfonso Soriano
15.Raul Mondesi
16. Aaron Boone
17.Andy Pettitte
18.Jose Contreras
19.Roger Clemens
20.Carlos Delgado
21.Vernon Wells
22.Frank Catalanotto
23.Kenny Rogers
24.Magglio Ordonez
25.Sandy Alomar
26.Bartolo Colon
27.Brent Abernathy
28.Jose Lima
29.Milton Bradley
30.Casey Blake
31.Danys Baez
32.Craig Monroe
33.Dmitri Young
34.Alex Sanchez
35.Eric Chavez
36.Miguel Tejada
37.Eric Byrnes
38.Jose Guillen
39.Keith Foulke
40.Ricardo Rincon
41.Bret Boone
42.Mike Cameron
43.Randy Winn
44.Ryan Franklin
45.Freddy Garcia
46.Rafael Soriano
47.Scott Spiezio
48.Troy Glaus
49.Francisco Rodriguez
50.Ben Weber
51.Alex Rodriguez
52.Juan Gonzalez
53.Rafael Palmeiro
54.Carl Everett
55.Javy Lopez
56.Gary Sheffield
57.Mike Hampton
58.Ivan Rodriguez
59.Derrek Lee
60.Bobby Abreu
61.Terry Adams
62.Fernando Tatis
63.Livan Hernandez
64.Hector Almonte
65.Tony Armas
66.Dan Smith
67.Roberto Alomar
68.Cliff Floyd
69.Roger Cedeno
70.Jeromy Burnitz
71.Moises Alou
72.Sammy Sosa
73.Corey Patterson
74.Carlos Zambrano
75.Mark Prior
76.Kerry Wood
77.Matt Clement
78.Antonio Alfonseca
79.Juan Cruz
80.Aramis Ramirez
81.Craig Wilson
82.Kris Benson
83.Richie Sexson
84.Geoff Jenkins
85.Valerio de los Santos
86.Benito Santiago
87.Rich Aurilia
88.Barry Bonds
89.Andres Galarraga
90.Jason Schmidt
91.Felix Rodriguez
92.Jason Christiansen
93.Matt Herges
94.Paul Lo Duca
95.Shawn Green
96.Oliver Perez
97.Adrian Beltre
98.Eric Gagne
99.Guillermo Mota
100.Luis Gonzalez
101.Todd Helton
102.Ryan Klesko
103.Gary Matthews