Wednesday, April 7, 2010

PETCO concessions see change for the better

Padres clue in and listen to the fans....
What a concept ! It's about time !!

Listening to the fans when the speak up is something this franchise really hasn't done much of in recent years. They like to claim they do, but when it's all said and done they missed the boat more often than not. Well the changes at the top seem to have a trickle-down happening, and it's good news for fans.

SAN DIEGO, CA - The San Diego Padres today announced everyday low pricing for general concessions, including lowering prices on many fan favorite foods and introducing new food options.

"We've spent a lot of time asking fans what they want," said San Diego Padres President and Chief Operating Officer Tom Garfinkel. "We listened and we're responding by creating more choices and improving affordability throughout PETCO Park."

Ballpark favorites - soda, hot dogs, popcorn, peanuts and bottled water - will be available for $4 each. All other general concession items will not see increases from their 2009 non-promotional pricing. In addition, fans will be able to purchase a Padres cap for only $7 and a team T-shirt for $8.

The Padres will offer a 14-ounce, $5 beer in 2010. A 20-ounce domestic beer - which cost $8.50 in 2008 - is now priced at $7.25.

The team is also introducing a $5 'Kids Meal,' which will feature healthier items and be available throughout the ballpark. "We are acting on fan suggestions by adding the Kids Meal and by introducing specific categories such as gluten-free food options," Garfinkel stated.

For the first time since the opening of PETCO Park, the Toyota Terrace Level will be open to all fans, allowing access to Club 19, Baja Bistro, the PCL Club and Coronado's. In conjunction with this expanded access, the Padres are implementing a Toyota Terrace restaurant reservation system for Founder's Club members to reserve tables. Fans can expect to see lower prices, the addition of kids' menus and new signature dishes on the restaurant menus across the Toyota Terrace level.

Additional improvements include a refresh of The Omni Premier Club which will offer "ballpark fare" alongside the current Premier Club dining options. The Padres have also upgraded their All-You-Can-Eat program by improving the seat location and reducing pricing. Seating is now in lower level sections and prices have dropped from $37 in 2009 to $29 in 2010.

The enhanced options and lower pricing go into effect on Opening Day, April 12th when the San Diego Padres take on the Atlanta Braves at 3:35 p.m. at PETCO Park.

$5.00 -- Kids Meal

$4.00 -- Small fountain soda
$4.00 -- Peanuts
$4.00 -- Popcorn
$4.00 -- Hot Dog
$4.00 -- Bottled water

$5.00 -- 14 oz. domestic draft beer
$7.25 -- 20 oz. domestic draft beer
$7.75 -- Plastic bottle domestic beer
$8.25 -- 20 oz. premium draft beer

$7.00 -- Padres cap
$8.00 -- Padres T-shirt

All other general concession items same as 2009 (no increases)


Good job Padres..... This should go a long way in the eyes of most fans.

Play Ball !!!


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