Saturday, March 22, 2008

Continuing with the LF situation

Did anyone else notice that Chase Headley's defense in LF has improved to the point of throwing out runners at the plate now ? The big questionmark for Chase was going to be his ability to play defense in LF. Well yesterday in the 3rd inning Chase ranged over on a single to LF, and then threw a strike home to nail a runner at the plate.


This kid can rake from both sides of the plate, has great plate discipline, goes to all fields with the ball, we know now that he can field the position, and he's shown that he's able to throw. No question that he's still learning and will continue to do so, but why waste anymore time on platoon type guys out there, when the future is here and ready to perform ?

I say start Chase Headley now, and let it ride. Get this kid on the field and let him go through his learning curve this year, so that next year when it's time to bring up our next stud prospect Matt Antonelli, we wont be breaking in two rookies in the same season.

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