Tuesday, April 1, 2008

OPENING DAY 2008 !!!

He did it from the mound

He did it with the bat

And when all was said and done 45,000+ got to see Jake Peavy pretty much beat the Astros single-handedly. Of course this is a team sport so that's not really true, but behind him was good defense, and the rest of the team that put up 14 hits on the best the Astros have to offer.... Everything seemed to be working for the Padres, and the team performed much as advertised. No big power to boost the score, but lots of baserunners, and timely hitting getting the job done. They did miss out on a few opportunities, and there is always room for improvement, but the game last night was a dominant one, and the Padres game out on top and should feel very good about their effort.

Paul McAnulty made his first Opening Day start at the big league level, and just may have answered many of the harsh critics (me being one) who aren't exactly of the opinion that he's going to contribute at this level. PMac went 2-3 with a walk last night, and looked very comfortable and confident at the plate facing a tough pitcher in Oswalt.
In fact the bottom of the order was a thorn in the side of the Houston Ace all night long, and was on base all night long as well.....
Peavy tossed a shutout through 7, and the bullpen came in and slammed the door shut for the Padres first victory of the season....... 4-0 over the Houston Astros.......
Way to go boys.....now go back Chris Young the same way......

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