Thursday, April 17, 2008

MiLB injury / rehab updates

Quick update on a couple big arms and kids coming back from injury

One of the most impressive young arms to grace the Padres farm system since Jake Peavy..... Matt Latos, signed for $1.25 million last May, struck out nine in three innings in extended spring training. He clocked at 93-95 mph..... Expect this guy to move rapidly through the system, as many collegiate players often do. His skill set is impressive, and boasts + pitches across the board with a ++ fastball topping it all off. He's likely 2 years away from challenging for a spot on the big league club, but if he's ready physically and mentally expect exactly that to happen. He projects right now as a frontline #1 type arm. Sure would be nice to have another Jake Peavy in this rotation.

Cesar Carrillo was a top pitching prospect in the Padres system, and seemed on his way to take his spot next to Peavy in the rotation when his elbow gave....... TJ surgery was the result and he's been working very hard every since to climb back up the ladder into a position to fight for a spot in what is now a very tough rotation.....So here is update for those that are curious ..... As of Mid April he's hitting his mile/minorstones, and should be mixing breaking balls into his workouts......that's a biggy.....During interviews he's maintained that he feels no pain or discomfort, and has actually said that he actually feels great, is very happy to be back on the mound, and is looking forward to his rehab stints..... Good news for Friar fans......

Maybe one of the most confusing characters this franchise has had to deal with in recent history is Matt Bush. Taken as the 1st overall pick in the draft, he got off to a very rocky start, and earn quite a poor reputation for himself quickly. This didn't site well with a fandome that enjoys rooting for the good guy, not the bad seed, however much of his reputation might have been blown out of whack a touch by the media.
Drafted as a SS, he never really developed his bat like they had hoped, but he possesses incredible speed & a cannon for an arm, so they though CF, yet that didn't solve his bat issues much....... Then they finally did the logical thing, and put a kid that could blow an easy 97mph up on the hill to see what he could do.......and guess what.....HE WAS HAPPY..... For the first time since arriving Matt Bush felt like he belonged and new what he could do. He instantly put himself back on the prospect map by blazing through hitters and showing an uncanny ability, for a guy that hadn't pitched since HS, to locate his 97-98mph fastball. He also has a plus curveball and will be working on a change up ( as all Padre pitchers do ) which will only make his fastball that much more devastating. Sadly his revival was cut short when he felt a tug in his elbow and TJ was the next step..... They didn't waste any time getting his arm surgically repaired, and after a successful surgery it was time to wait......wait and see how his body reacted.
Well mid-April 2008 rolled around, and he was right on schedule, throwing from 80 feet and starting to work on his minorstones....... He'll miss all of 2008 rehabbing, but if this kid can make a full recovery, then his future is very bright, and the Padres may have ended up with a pretty solid draft pick after all......long time coming, but better late than never......and remember this kid was taken out of HS, so he's still young, even if he misses a year on the DL.

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