Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Where is the Brain Trust heading ?

Trying to figure out where the FO is heading

Ok.... so I don't usually do this on my site simply because its not something the Padres usually have to deal with, but the current situation and future of this roster is so uncertain that I think there is a time and place to speculate. To me that's now. Keep in mind these are all "if's" not facts, and with that let me tell you where I think this is heading. Also I don't like the term "fire sale" unless it truly applies, and I don't think it has any place here......yet!

We have some holes to fill, and we have some trading chips that are being looked at, so rumors suggest. So could this be what's in the future for our beloved Padres.

Kouzmanoff is gaining interest from a few teams so rumors suggest. Could this be why Headley hasn't been brought up, and also a reason he's seeing some time at 3rd in Portland ? If Kouz is delt we could see a top power hitting RFer in return, allowing Headley to slide back to 3rd, which is his best and natural position? The loss of Kouz would only be a hit if Headley doesn't pan out (unlikely), and the OFer they trade Kouz for isn't legit. The question here becomes who is this future HOF RFer we're trading Kouzmanoff for ?

Maddux rumors are swirling about his return to Atlanta. Maddux has a full no trade clause (FNT) making moving him tricky. He'd have to agree to waive his clause in order for this to happen. Now a move back to Atlanta makes sense for many reasons. First they are in contention and could use his arm in the rotation greatly. Second it's the team he spent the majority of his career with and will go into the HOF wearing. Third it reunites the trio of Maddux, Smoltz & Glavine all of whom are in their twilight, and what a better way to go than one final run at a World Championship ? A Maddux trade could return to the Padres a couple good prospects like Jordan Schafer, a 22 year old CFer currently in AA, who has tremendous upside, and maybe another prospect.

When Headley is brought up regardless of where he plays, Chad Huffman a LFer in AA who is just a wrecking machine, and who many think is a better player than Headley, will take over LF in AAA. He could be ready to start the year in San Diego next year in LF, and has a real shot at being special in the OF all the way around. I think the Padres like him more in LF than the idea of moving him to RF to accommodate someone else playing LF like Headley, which is what gives me reason to think Kouz is the odd man out here.

Am I making sense ? Is anyone following me ?

Justin Huber apparently has options left, they should be used and he should be sent to AAA asap.

PMac has shown his worth, and that is with the bat only. He's a liability in the field, however appears that he might actually have a future as the 5th OFer and pinch hit specialist. His #'s with runners on, RISP, and runner on with 2 outs are pretty lofty, and its that kind of production that will land you a job somewhere.

Hairston very well might be your LFer for the remainder of the season, unless Kouz isn't delt, in which case he will yield the starting role to Headley within 3 weeks. Hairston is a 4th OFer at best, and quite frankly not a bad 4th OFer to have IMO. So unless he's apart of a package trade, I'd fully expect to see him on this team for the foreseeable future.

Josh Bard is in an interesting predicament. His injury opened the door for Luke Carlin to come up. Carlin has done nothing but impress behind the dish, but has not hit very well. He projects as a back up catcher, and defense is the biggest deal where that role is concerned. He's got a + arm, and calls a great game. It appears pitchers are comfortable with him back there, and base runners are actually aware of his presence when he's on the field. Bard very well could find himself out of a job now that Barrett is back and healthy. Barrett is a starter, who only found himself splitting time with Bard, while Bard was hitting well. This year Bard has done anything but hit, and his defense leaves much to be desired from an arm strength standpoint. So could we see a Barrett/Carlin combo soon, and could Bard find himself involved in a trade somewhere ?

Randy Wolf is another name that comes up in trade talks, but I'm not sure the Padres will be dealing both Maddux and Wolf. That would leave their rotation very thin with both Peavy and CY on the DL for who knows how long. So lets come back to that another day.

Well I hope I gave you food for thought.....again this isn't factual, it's pure speculation and just me talking out loud......but I"m all for hearing your ideas and thoughts whether you agree or not.....Keep checking back and we'll see how close or far off we were.

Play Ball !!

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