Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Because we can...

Padres Opening Day "Travoltified" Lineup

Thanks to the inabitiy to read a teleprompter at the Academy Awards recently, we now have the ability to "Travoltify your name". So it seems like the next logical step is to Travoltify the Padres starting lineup....or at least a possible one...Yes modified to be without Maybin who just broke himself diving for a ball in early spring.......ugh...........Anyway enjoy !
SS- Eilidh Colezan (E. Cabrera)
CF- Wayne Mozaleen (W. Venable) or Craig Daveries (C. Denorfia) 
3B- Clarke Heenry (C. Headley)
LF- Carys Mertin (C. Quentin)
1B- Yusuf Andrenson (Y. Alonso)
RF- Katie Borfes (K. Blanks)
2B- Jack Gordzo (J. Gyorko)
C - Malachi Granite (Y. Grandal)

Play Ball !

T.Pichierri - Planet Padres Writer

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