Thursday, March 8, 2012

Fox Sports San Diego ready to launch...

Well it's about time... This should be a great thing for the Padres going forward....

SAN DIEGO — Everything is in place.

The staff has been hired. Schedules have been drawn up. A slick advertising campaign — titled "The Wait Is Over" — is in place. And broadcast distribution agreements have been reached, although some still remain in limbo.

All that's missing to launch the new Fox Sports San Diego is an announcement.

That, however, is coming. Sooner rather than later is the promise.

FS San Diego has distribution agreements with Cox Communications and DirecTV. Events will air on Channel 56 on Cox and 1056 in HD. The DirecTV deal allows non-cable subscribers to get Padres games.

Neither Time Warner nor AT&T U-verse has agreed to a deal with FS San Diego. Time Warner controls about 30 percent of the San Diego cable market. FS San Diego officials, however, are confident that agreements will be reached before the start of the season.

FS San Diego, which will have offices and studios in the old Cox Channel 4 building near Petco Park, hasn't announced its deal with the Padres. But that, too, is in place.

The holdup is Major League Baseball delaying its decision to approve Jeff Moorad as owner of the Padres.

The first of five Padres spring training games is slated to air March 17, and FS San Diego officials said all regular-season games will be televised.

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Robert said...

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