Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Could the Rays and Padres be on the verge of a trade ?

The Padres have been desperate to say the least for pitching. The Rays seem on the verge of having to expose a couple of their young arms that are out of options. It seems a perfect match, so is something going down ?

PORT CHARLOTTE, Fla. -- Jeff Niemann and Jason Hammel aren't letting their head-to-head competition get in the way of their friendship.

One of the two former Biscuits will be Tampa Bay's No. 5 starter when the season starts next week. The other could be in the bullpen or, possibly, in a different uniform and with another organization.

The St. Petersburg Times reported Monday that the Rays are talking with the San Diego Padres about a potential trade involving either Niemann or Hammel.

Both are making their final statements this week -- a decision could come any day -- but it won't spark a rift between them.

"We will always love each other," Hammel said. "We've played together for a long time and at a lot of levels."


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